Dodger Fever

Dodger Blue

You have Dodger fever yet?

We all love a winner, and winning….. so when a team does well, it’s time to dust off the old jersey and get into the fever.

I think the Dodgers have become the new Yankee and soon LA will have the same rap as NY has had forever.

I can relate to this as I’ve been in the game long time and getting into a winning streak to make it to the championships.

Lets GO !!!



Protect your investment

With the economic conditions today, it seems like the crime is on the rise, especially in the neighborhood homes. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will help you to keep your neighborhood safe. So, just take a look at the tips below.

The first thing that you have to do is to get to know your neighbors. It is important for you to know anyone who comes and goes from your neighbor’s home. Therefore, you can spot the unexpected guests of the wrong kind, on the property of your neighbors or around their home.

The second thing is to not be afraid for looking out the window, walking around on your property, and also surveying the homes around you. Since all of us want to keep the neighborhood safe, it is required for you to take an interest in those who are around you.

For the third thing, if you suddenly woke up at night for any reason, you can look out your window in order to see what is going on. It is known that most of crimes are happened at night when the criminals suspect everyone is in the bed. You do not need to worry about false alarm if you are seeing someone. You can also call 911 if you find that there is something or someone suspicious. It will always be better to be safe than sorry.

Lastly, you should have the outside part of your home lit up at night. It is necessary for you to install the security lights which come on when there is someone or something moving around your property. You should always be alert of the neighbor homes and property, and watch out for each other. It is hard to find a good neighbor, but in these times, when the crime is on the rise, you will need good neighbors who are willing to go that extra miles and help you to keep the neighborhoods safe.

Home Dollars

Up, up and away…


Report after report continues to show home prices climbing at double digit rates so far this year – 10% a month ago, 12 % this month and projected at 13% next month. IS this cause for concern that another value bubble is forming in the housing market? Not really. This run-up in prices is driven by a single factor – the huge shortfall in inventory, when compared to the demand. It is also being tempered by conservative appraisals that are lagging a bit behind the market prices. Also, even though lenders are back to offering products like the old 10-10-80 mortgages (10% down, a 10% equity loan and an 80% mortgage) they are certainly not offering no-doc loans or lending to people with marginal credit scores.


So we aren’t really seeing another bubble, which was the result of the combination of bad lending practices and an over exuberant market; rather…

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Ways to Play Real Estate’s Bust to Boom

Executive Home Team

Many families in America are looking to buy a house now that the real estate market is improving and banks are lending again. While it is exciting to ultimately buy your dream home, most people are learning that the real estate market is very difficult and frustrating at this time. Although homeowners are excited to see the values of their homes increase, buying a new house is more challenging than ever. Many houses on the market are getting multiple offers at higher prices, all cash bids or are vastly overpriced.

Although it is frustrating, truth be told, these circumstances are hardly surprising given the current real estate environment, which has become overheated in some areas of the country. Among the converging factors that have caused a mini housing bubble are the following:

  • A largely dormant home building industry, which is only now beginning to hasten the construction of new developments…

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Do I Really Need An Agent To Sell My Home?


Do I really need an agent to sell my home?

With the housing market recovery well under way in San Diego we have seen a slight increase in For Sale By Owner homes in the market. Home owners who go it alone in selling their homes so do for a variety of reasons. The most popular reason is a desire to save money on commissions. A second popular reason is control, the home owner wants more control and say in the marketing and sale of his/her home. Both of these reasons are completely valid but I would like to look a little closer.

I had a friend looking to buy a home in the Midwest last fall. He found a local agent and viewed a variety of homes over several days to get a feel for the market. The agent conducted a tour of the area, prepared an analysis…

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